MacerSoft has complete control on full spectrum of email campaign management. We specialize in Design and executing interactive email and marketing campaigns. Our solutions range from Daily, weekly, Sort time promotions to quarterly newsletters, all accompanied by our professionals and management. We ensure that your content will be relevant, your frequency on target, and your ROI is increased.

A Professional e-mail marketing Needs:

  • A most attractive email template design
  • Bulk email services which can schedule emails with contact list management
  • Keeping track of email clicked and bounced
  • Subscription management

Campaign Design:
Creating email marketing campaigns and newsletter, gets your message and product announced to the world, with just the click of a mouse. Our talented designers produce unique and never-used ideas of email templates just for your unique requirements using HTML, Flash, Photoshop, various scripts and lots of innovations

Designer team creates hundreds of email templates – a pre-formatted design, including links and images that are ready to be edited as a starting point for your e-campaign. Size, font, and images are in conformity with design standards in compliance with the most popular email programs. Your email-marketing template may also include embedded links such as registration, opt-in, op-out and a URL link for your website-landing page.

Bulk Email service:
Completed in Several parts:

1) Campaign Preparation:
campaign preparation begins as soon as your requirements are received and it involves the following key tasks

  • Template modifications – if any
  • Upload images and copy
  • Track links
  • Prepare HTML & Text Version
  • Prepare Test Versions – if more than one
  • Add/Modify Header information
  • Add/Modify Footer information

2) Campaign QA:
Task is performed by a Experts from team using the message requirements check list

  • Minor issues are addressed in this stage
  • Major issues are sent back to message preparation step
  • The message is considered ready for test mailings only after satisfying every requirement on the check list
  • The checklist and issues (minor and major) are maintained for every campaign executed by the team – any insights are shared back with you for your reference
  • Message QA also serves as the auditable record

3) Test mailing:

  • Send every version of the message (using the email platform) to a pre-determined test group
  • Provide the test group access to message requirements
  • Notify test group about the time period with which to review and provide feedback

4) Review & Approval

  • Ensure the message has received adequate scrutiny prior to sending all the emails
  • Collect and clarify feedback as necessary
  • Make modifications as needed
  • Resend test messages and request review and approval
  • Record approval (written or verbal as agreed upon by the client)

5) Send
Ensure all versions of the message are sent to the target list at the time and Date requested its Immediately / schedule

  • Send the approved versions of the message to the target list(s)
  • Ensure that delivery/sending is in progress by confirming receipt by several members of the seed list for each message
  • Issue “Message Sent” notification to client manager as requested

6) Monitoring
Ensure that the campaign delivery is complete and that the Key Performance Indicators record significant activity

  • Review key metrics on the email service platform
    • Sent
    • Delivered
    • Opened
    • Clicks & Unique Clicks
    • Conversions – if tracked
    • Bounces
    • Spam complaints
  • Notify client of any exceptions as soon as they are uncovered
  • Keep a log of activity at an agreed upon frequency for an agreed upon time

Reporting / Tracking:
Provide dashboard and snapshot reports to demonstrate campaign progress after 1-day, 2-day, 5-day of execution and a final report after 14 days of completion

  • Review key metrics on the email service platform
    • Sent
    • Delivered
    • Opened
    • Clicks & Unique Clicks
    • Conversions – if tracked
    • Bounces
    • Spam complaints
  • Notify client of any exceptions as soon as they are uncovered
  • Keep a log of activity at an agreed upon frequency for an agreed upon time

Also Develop a comparative study of the campaign performance relative the other campaigns by the same client, the overall vertical and the market total based on metrics published by industry analysts such as Forrester and MarketingSherpa

  • Develop Campaign vs Best Practices score card for metrics such as:
    • Open rates
    • Click rates and unique click rates
    • Referral rates
    • Bounces
    • Opt-outs
    • Spam complaints
    • Number of links

Develop trend charts to demonstrate overall increase or decrease in efficacy of the email channel

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