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Scrap or broken glass—the last-named component aids the conservation of the environment, by having a marked effect on the heat requirements) have to be ratioed in a manner similar to that described earlier in bread making. A radiometric detector, which uses a nuclear source, detects the level of molten glass in the furnace and regulates the amount of raw material via a cascade loop of furnace level onto the raw material supply. Temperature control plays an important part in the system strategy, and positioning of the detectors is crucial.

The silicon content of the pig iron is kept low to avoid producing an acid slag, which would attack the lining of the converter. In this process, which in keeping with its chemical nature is basic as opposed to acidic, manganese, carbon, and phosphorus supply the required heat of combustion to keep the charge molten during slag removal. 7 lb/in2 per minute, or the equivalent in metric units. These are supersonic air velocities. Because oxygen is a gas that supports combustion, it has to be protected in the high temperature of the steel furnace; hence, the Appiled technology and instrumentation for process control 22 lance has to be kept cool.

These processes have not been discussed, for this would involve much more detail than necessary for this section of the book. A venturi meter has been shown as the raw water flow-measuring device; this can be replaced by a magnetic flowmeter if desired. The magnetic flowmeters will be particularly large, and cost will frequently be a deciding factor. The form of the conductivity controls is similar to that used on the pH loop, although no control valves are directly involved with the dosing. However, a control loop and control valve regulate the pressure to each ejector, which indirectly controls the amount of regenerating agent supplied to the exchange material.

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