Angels Don't Play This Haarp: Advances in Tesla Technology by Nick Begich PDF

By Nick Begich

ISBN-10: 0964881209

ISBN-13: 9780964881204

Very fresh and tight, conceal have small tear on binding that's taped

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25, 1994. com As if to set an example of what happens to academics who speak out with independent views, the three brave scientists who opposed Project Chariot lost their jobs at the university and were blackballed from academia elsewhere. One had to leave the country to find work. S. military's Project Argus in 1958. Each shot spewed atomic particles into Earth's magnetic field where they were trapped and spiraled back and forth at high speeds. "In essence," said the New York Times, "the Argus experiments produced artificial belts comparable to the natural Van Allen radiation belt (regions of high- energy charged particles around the earth at between 2,000 and 12,000 miles altitudes).

He later told Manning that after he had worked within ARCO foT a year and applied for patents, Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA) had combed through his theories then issued a contract for him to study how to generate the relativistic electrons in the ionosphere. After 1986 he was off the ARCO payroll, before the invention drew much lire in the media. Its first major publicity was in 1988, the year after one of his patents on the system - how to beam huge amounts of electromagnetic energy to selected regions of the upper atmosphere48 - was made public.

ARCO, Raytheon, Jet Propulsion Laboratory and Japanese scientists made history in microwave-power beaming, These aircraft or satellite projects can be used for surveillance, the speakers bragged. Or to relay power for "development of remote natural resources". to find out what the stuff can do. " A project engineer for a large university's Center for Space Power was asked about environmental effects of microwave power beaming. He replied that the biggest challenge for the people in the room was the public perception of an environmental impact.

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