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Faraway from the hurry of the large cities,in tropical jungles and in arid regions,in remoted coasts and mountains,or the place else the sunshine of bulb is rare,millions of individuals nonetheless wait forthe merits of the electricity.Stand-alone renewable power systemsmake it attainable to provide power to those regions;this paintings is a contribution to the notion ofsystems of excessive functionality and reliability.

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4 shows a simplified transformer model. 4 - Simplified transformer model. To avoid transformer-unbalancing, internal voltage Vip must not present DC level, otherwise the magnetizing current Im will present a DC component (and also high peak values) and the transformer becomes saturated in one direction. The origin of DC level can be diverse, such as: 1) Asymmetry in the supply voltage Vp: in this case, Vip is affected directly; 2) Half-wave load: in this case, voltage drops in the internal resistance of the voltage source and wires, as well as in the transformer impedances R1 and L1, occur in only one half-cycle, producing asymmetry in Vip; 3) Start-up conditions: at converter start-up or by suddenly inserting a load, Vip can be submitted to a temporary voltage asymmetry.

93 THD: up to 50th harmonic. 70 35 Chapter 4 - Study of the proposed topology, prototype design and simulation In practice, in addition to THD and Mi parameters, the voltage versus time characteristic of a multilevel waveform must be careful analyzed. Taking this into account, special attention must be given to the large voltage steps generated in consequence of the forced hold-on-at-zero interval. 17. Level Level 15 Level 15 No smoothness. 17 - Examples of waveform smoothness. As can be seen, THD increases when the waveform is smoothed and higher smoothness (type I) implicates in higher THD.

3 - Design data and expected performance for equivalent inverters (minimum p = 12). Number of cells Maximum p Power transformers Power switches Capacitors Diodes Isolated drivers Reliability Surge power capability Conversion efficiency No-load consumption Market competitiveness H-bridge with Multiplemulti-winding transformer/3 4 3 15 13 1 3 20 12 4 0 16 0 8 0 Medium High High High Medium Medium Medium Medium Medium High Multipletransformer/4 4 15 4 16 0 0 0 High High Medium Medium Medium Multiwinding 4 15 1 20 0 0 8 High High High Medium Medium It is important to note that evaluation of the expected performance parameters took into account the following: - Reliability of the H-bridge inverter was lowered because of the presence of capacitors (usually, of electrolytic type) that must support all reactive power of inductive loads; - Conversion efficiency of the H-bridge inverter is limited by the rectifier diodes; - Conversion efficiency of the multiple-transformer/3 inverter is limited by the subtraction of levels and also by the use of several transformers.

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