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L; B/ is a crystal basis of M 2 Oint , then B is a normal g-crystal. There are seminormal crystals which are not of this form. For normal crystals, no such example is known. The following theorem was proved by the famous grand loop argument. 19 (Kashiwara). Let M 2 Oint . Then there exists a unique crystal basis up to automorphism of M . Let ƒ be a dominant integral weight. ƒ/ belongs to Oint . ƒ//. ƒ/. 20. ƒ/’s in the category of crystals. ƒ0 //2 , and Oint is well controlled by the category of crystals.

R=. R=. M //; R=. // D 0. (b) implies that 0 ! M // ! M // ! R=. // ! x/ D m, and 2 m implies that x D 0. This is absurd. M // D 0, for any -filtered M 2 A- mod. M / is projective as an R-module, we have 0 ! M / ! M / ! R=. // ! 0: We apply the functor G to the exact sequence and use (a). Then, 0 ! M / ! M / ! R=. // ! 0 Finite dimensional Hecke algebras 45 and we have a morphism of exact sequences from 0 ! M ! M ! R=. // ! M ! M //. Then, we may show that 0 ! R=. // ! R=. R=. R=. // D 0 and Nakayama’s lemma implies that K D 0.

2 Realizations of crystals. Kashiwara crystal has many realizations. Each realization has its own advantage and in the case when we may transfer a result in one realization to a result in the other realization, it would lead to a very nontrivial consequence. This is exactly the case when we apply the theory of crystals to the modular representation theory of Hecke algebras. We have obtained classification of simple modules, decomposition matrices, representation type of the whole algebra, the modular branching rule, so far.

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