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This ebook is the 1st straight forward creation to Galois cohomology and its functions. the 1st half is self contained and offers the fundamental result of the idea, together with a close building of the Galois cohomology functor, in addition to an exposition of the final idea of Galois descent. the total conception is stimulated and illustrated utilizing the instance of the descent challenge of conjugacy sessions of matrices. the second one a part of the e-book supplies an perception of ways Galois cohomology should be worthwhile to resolve a few algebraic difficulties in numerous energetic study issues, corresponding to inverse Galois concept, rationality questions or crucial size of algebraic teams. the writer assumes just a minimum heritage in algebra (Galois concept, tensor items of vectors areas and algebras).

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StabΓ (a) 30 Cohomology of profinite groups It follows that StabΓ (a) is open. This concludes the proof. At this point, we may define the 0th -cohomology set H 0 (Γ, A). 4. For any Γ-set A, we set H 0 (Γ, A) = AΓ . If A is a Γ-group, this is a subgroup of A. The set H 0 (Γ, A) is called the 0th cohomology set of Γ with coefficients in A. 5. We will use this notation only episodically in this book, and will prefer the notation AΓ . We would like now to define the main object of this chapter, namely the first cohomology set H 1 (Γ, A).

N ∈ Γ. Proof. For every s = (σ1 , . . ,σn . (1) ⇒ (2) Assume that α is continuous, and let s = (σ1 , . . , σn ) ∈ Γn . Then the set Us = α−1 ({αs }) is an open neighbourhood of s, since {αs } is open in A and α is continuous. By definition, α is constant on Us . (2) ⇒ (3) Assume that α is locally constant. For all s = (σ1 , . . , σn ) ∈ Γn , let Us be an open neighbourhood of s on which α is constant. By definition of the product topology, one may assume that Us = Vs(1) × · · · × Vs(n) , (i) where Vs is an open neighbourhood of σi in Γ.

It remains to prove its injectivity. Let 50 Cohomology of profinite groups c, c ∈ C Γ such that δ 0 (c ) = δ 0 (c), and let α and α be the cocycles representing δ 0 (c) and δ 0 (c ) respectively. By assumption, there exists a ∈ A such that ασ = a ασ σ·a−1 for all σ ∈ Γ. If b (resp. b ) is a preimage of c (resp. c ) in B, applying f to this last equality implies that b −1 σ·b = f (a)b−1 (σ·b)(σ·f (a))−1 . It easily turns out that β = b f (a)b−1 ∈ B Γ . Hence c = g(b ) = g(b f (a)) = g(βb) = β · c.

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