American Catholicism: And Now Where? by John G. Deedy PDF

By John G. Deedy

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THE AMERICAN CATHOLIC church is a amazing institu­ tion. Its humans worship in numbers that dwarf figures from somewhere else. It has some of the most bright of Cath­ olic tuition structures, probably the main shiny. it really is more commonly an obedient church, a few might say docile­ controversies of modern years though. it's a church characterised via nice loyalty to the pope and through unstinting monetary generosity to Rome. nonetheless, the Ameri­ can church is a church in transition. there was ero­ sion in components of church existence. but extra is probably going. The vii viii PREFACE American Catholic church, in sum, is a ready-made sub­ ject for research and research. while this e-book undertaking on American Catholicism used to be first broached, no specific time urgency appeared to be concerned. in recent times, nuns and monks had ex­ ited the spiritual lifestyles by way of the hundreds of thousands, and their ranks weren't being refilled. Many seminaries and convents were closed for loss of want, then bought off to fulfill the monetary imperatives of the respective spiritual com­ munities. The management of Catholic hospitals in different towns were became over to put forums, and some Catholic faculties had close their gates. a couple of Catholic guides had disappeared from view, and in lots of Catholic parishes, focuses shifted, frequently to ac­ tivities of apostolic inconsequence, as emphases tired clear of diocesan colleges, very a lot of which had closed for good.

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It seemed a reasonable suggestion, but Rome rejected it out of hand on the grounds that an American prelate would not be in a position to deal impartially with conflicting factions within the American church. Of these, there were several at the time. " 1 Limited though it was, however, it existed, and many bishops prized it as a bulwark of their episcopal authority. One would expect American resistance to an apostolic delegate to have been a liberal cause. But it was liberals, notably the famous Archbishop John Ireland of St.

But it existed, and it bolstered the logic of the liberals. In any instance, the issue of an apostolic delegate to the United States was settled on the side of the liberals. '' 2 Unquestionably, the matter of an apostolic delegate would have been resolved sooner or later on Rome's terms. The point, however, is how difficult it once was for Rome to bring its will to bear on the American church, and how much pressure it was forced to exert to secure the cooperation of the American bishops. At one point, in fact, Pope Leo XIII (1887-1903) was so annoyed over American resistance to the appointment of a papal representative in the country that he was quoted as exclaiming in exasperation, "Why don't they want the Pope there?

If lower Catholic birth rates do not confirm the widespread use of contraception, there is other documentation, including, in a more forthright, less inhibited age, the self-testimony of Catholics themselves. Catholic couples nowadays commonly discuss their family-planning practices as unabashedly almost as they discuss, say, their toothpastes. Older Catholics with children of childbearing age are told when to expect to become grandparents: a year from now, two years, five 20 CHAPTER 1 years, never.

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