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Are bilinear forms defined on V. e. e. a(u, v) = a(v, u) and b(u, v) = b(v, u) for all u, v E V. e. there exists a positive constant e such that la(u, v)1 ~ ellull . Ilvll Ib(u, v)1 ~ ellull . Ilvll and for all u, v E V . e. there exists a positive constant oe such that a(u,u)~oelluI12 for all UEV. ) is satisfied through an eigenvalue shift. with the scalar product (u, v) =! (dUdx dxdv + uv) dx . 55) 24 I. Methods for the Discretization of Differential Eigenvalue Problems By adding A o . 12), where the eigenvalue shift A o is a real positive constant, we can satisfy (H3) by choosing A o big enough, provided that e>O.

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