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By Bent Ørsted and Henrik Schlichtkrull (Eds.)

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This publication is the complaints of the convention "Algebraic Geometry in East Asia" which used to be held in foreign Institute for complex reviews (IIAS) in the course of August three to August 10, 2001. because the breadth of the themes coated during this complaints reveal, the convention was once certainly profitable in assembling a large spectrum of East Asian mathematicians, and gave them a welcome likelihood to debate present country of algebraic geometry common recommendations; complete linear monoid; constitution of linear semigroups; irreducible semigroups; identities; generalized titties substitute; development; monoids of lie kind; purposes

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Then A[V] has even the structure of a unitary highest weight module. Moreover, except for easily described special cases, D[V] coincides with U(g)/Anna[V]. Conversely, every unitary highest weight module L is associated to a parabolic subalgebra with a commutative nilradical m +, and remarkably Annu(m-) L is a prime ideal and hence the ideal of definition of the closure of an orbital variety contained in m+. The proof of these results will be indicated in Lectures 3-6. Some further perspectives including the use of q u a n t u m groups and of differential operators are given in Lectures 7 and 8.

Set 8w(C) - {(u, B 1 , B 2 ) E 8 ( C ) ] (B1, B2) E Z~}. These form a finite disjoint union of 8(C). Set U - B N b/ and U~, - U n ~U. The fibers of the projection 8 ~ ( d ) isomorphic to d n U~. ~ 13 x 13 are all Since Zw identifies with G / ( B n ~B), it follows that dim 8~(C) - d i m ( G / B N ~ B ) + dim(C N U~) _< dim G - rk G, with equality if and only if C N U~ is dense in U~, equivalently if (GU~) - C. We denote the subset of w E W satisfying this last condition by St -1 (C). In this case, C n U~ is irreducible.

3 (1990). 257-296. [Lu2] ~ , Introduction to quantum groups, Progress in Mathematics, BirkhSuser, 1993. [Ma] O. Mathieu, Filtrations of G-modules, Ann. Sci. Ecole Norm. Sup. 23 (1990), 625-644. [Pa] J. Paradowski, Filtrations of modules over quantum algebras, Proc. Symp. Pure Math. 56 (1994), Part 2, 93-108. [Hi] C. M. Ringel, The category of modules with good filtrations over a quasi-hereditary algebra has almost split sequences, Math. Z. 208 (1991), 209-223. [RT] N. Reshetikhin and V. Turaev, Invariants of 3-manifolds via link polynomials and quantum groups, Invent.

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Algebraic and Analytic Methods in Representation Theory by Bent Ørsted and Henrik Schlichtkrull (Eds.)

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