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From Math experiences: "This is an enthralling textbook, introducing the reader to the classical components of algebra. The exposition is admirably transparent and lucidly written with purely minimum must haves from linear algebra. the hot options are, a minimum of within the first a part of the ebook, outlined within the framework of the advance of rigorously chosen difficulties. hence, for example, the transformation of the classical geometrical difficulties on structures with ruler and compass of their algebraic atmosphere within the first bankruptcy introduces the reader spontaneously to such basic algebraic notions as box extension, the measure of an extension, etc... The e-book ends with an appendix containing workouts and notes at the past components of the e-book. besides the fact that, short old reviews and proposals for additional analyzing also are scattered throughout the text."

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Application. Consider the special case R D ‫ ޚ‬, K D ‫ ޑ‬. X / D X 3 2 is irreducible. Suppose f were reducible. Since it has degree 3, it would have a linear factor, and therefore a root ˛ in ‫ ޑ‬. By F8, X 3 2 would also have a root in ‫ ޚ‬, which is clearly not the case. p 3 From the irreducibility of X 3 2 it follows that 2 is not a rational number. Using similar arguments of numbers p p p one can easily derive from p F8 the irrationality 5 6 12 12 such as 3; 72; 27. (Note that although 27 is irrational, X 12 27 is not irreducible.

For all g 2 KŒX . ˛/ D 0: 26 3 Simple Extensions Thus f has ˛ as a root in Kf . ˛/ ˇ g 2 KŒX  : More precisely, we claim that 1; ˛; : : : ; ˛ n 1 form a basis of the K-vector space Kf , so this space has dimension n. ˛/ with g 2 KŒX . ˛/ with deg r Ä n 1. There remains to show that 1; ˛; : : : ; ˛ n 1 are linearly independent. X / D c0 C c1 X C C cn 1 X n 1 2 KŒX , which is only possible if h D 0, because f divides h (look at the degrees). Is Kf a field? We will show that this is so if and only if f is irreducible.

R=a/ŒX : (ii) An element a 2 R is prime in R if and only if it is prime in RŒX . Proof. Part (i) follows from the Fundamental Homomorphism Theorem, since the kernel of (4) is clearly I D aRŒX . R=a/ŒX  is an integral domain ” RŒX =a is an integral domain ” a is prime in RŒX . ˜ From now on we assume R is a unique factorization domain. We denote by K D Frac R the fraction field of R. Now let be a given nonzero prime of R. The corresponding -adic valuation w W K ! ‫ [ ޚ‬f1g in R (page 40) can be extended to a map w W KŒX  !

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