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Six spoilers and two pairs of ailerons perform these functions in following priority order : • the roll demand has priority over the speedbrake function • the lift augmenting function has priority over the speedbrake function • if one spoiler surface fails to extend, the symmetrical surface on the other wing is inhibited. 20 A330 flight controls - EFCS Slats/flaps • High lift control is achieved on each wing by : - seven leading edge slats - two trailing edge flaps - two ailerons (ailerons droop function) • Slat and flaps are driven through similar hydromechanical systems consisting of : - Power Control Units (PCU) - differential gearboxes and transverse torque shafts - rotary actuators.

6 kVA, hydraulically driven by the Green system. • One static inverter fed by two batteries and working either on the ground or when CSM/G inoperative. • Two ground connectors, power 90 kVA • DC network supplied via two main Transformer Rectifier Units (200 A) and one essential (100 A). A fourth TR (100 A) is dedicated to APU start or APU battery charging. • Three batteries nominal capacity 37 Ah, 28 V each : - Two batteries used : . in emergency configuration to feed some equipment during RAT deployment or when CSM/G not operating.

Note : If the RAT is deployed to provide Green hydraulic power, the outboard ailerons servo-controls revert to damping mode in order to minimize hydraulic demands. 6°. The rudder is operated by three independent hydraulic servo-controls, with a common mechanical input. This mechanical input receives three commands : - rudder pedal input - rudder trim actuator electrical input - yaw damper electrical input. The mechanical input is limited by the Travel Limitation Unit (TLU) as a function of airspeed in order to avoid excessive load transmission to the aircraft.

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