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By Curtis A. Williams, Merrill W. Chase

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ISBN-13: 9780127544045

Tools in Immunology and Immunochemistry, quantity IV: Agglutination, supplement, Neutralization, and Inhibition offers details pertinent to direct and oblique agglutination reactions. This ebook covers a number of issues, together with complement-fixation tactics, isolation of supplement elements, hemolytic intermediates, complement-related proteins, and neutralization reactions.

Organized into 3 chapters, this quantity starts off with an summary of test-tube agglutinations which are most well liked for blood grouping with saline agglutinins that require various mins for agglutination. this article then describes blood staff antibodies that agglutinate crimson blood cells suspended in saline. different chapters examine the classical pathway of supplement usage. This booklet discusses besides the complexity of occasions resulting in hemolysis of erythrocytes by way of supplement. the ultimate bankruptcy offers with the power of antitoxin to neutralize diphtheria toxin and explains the quantitative relationships among antigen and antibody.

This ebook is a beneficial source for immunologists, scientists, and learn employees.

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Immunol. 82, 279 (1959). 2 INDIRECT (PASSIVE) HEMAGGLUTINATION 35 6. S E N S I T I Z A T I O N O F E R Y T H R O C Y T E S i. 2 phos­ phate-buffered saline t o a final concentration of 2 . 5 % b y volume. 0 ml of distilled water, the lysate is centrifuged clear, a n d hemoglobin is read spectrophotometrically. After this reading, correction of the volume of the " 2 . ,^^ namely, V2 = ( F i O D i ) / O D 2 , where V2 is the adjusted volume to give O D 2 , the optical density desired after the laking procedure; ODi is the optical density read upon laking an aliquot of the original volume 7 i .

C. Boyd and E . Shapleigh, Blood 9, 1195 (1954). P. Speiser, Κ . Baumgarten, and Ο. Kaserer, Ζ. Immunitaetsforsch. I l l , 168 (1954). Μ. Saint-Paul, Transfusion 4, 3 (1961). W. C. Boyd, Vox Sanguinis 8, 1 (1963). K . C. Atwood and S. L . Scheinberg, / . Cell. Comp. Physiol. 52, Suppl. 1, 97 (1958). 6 DIRECT HEMAGGLUTINATION 21 erythrocyte,2^ (i) changing, by chemical alteration, the specificity of lectins (and potentially of antibodies),^^-^^ (j) testing the lattice theory of immune reactions.

4, 456 (1959). a] be carried out a t + 4 ° overnight with a weight of saline equal to 5 to 1 0 times the weight of the ground seed. V a n Loghem*^ recommends for Vicia graminea 8 0 parts of saline, added in three portions, the super­ n a t a n t suspension being poured off each time before fresh saline is added. Lectin preparations keep well in the frozen state. M o s t of them can be lyophiUzed. T h e specificity of lectins is in some cases greater, in some cases less, than that of human and animal antibodies having similar specificities.

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