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41 of 47 Academic Art of Riding Marijke de Jong 18. JUMPS ABOVE THE GROUND The jumps above the ground, also called School jumps, are like all other exercises derived from natural movements of the horse. The horse can also show these movements in the field and in the herd to lose energy, impress others or maintain the hierarchy. Every jump, whether natural, or a jump across a fence or a school jump, starts with raising the front. In a natural jump, the raising of the front, the push, the stretching and the landing melt together fluently.

Change the bending in three to five steps and jump into the other canter. The number of steps in walk can be reduced in time to one step. Make whole transitions and halts shorter and shorter. Finally, the horse will already change the canter at a half halt (actually, this is disobedience from the horse since it does not wait for the riders aids, but in first instance it should be rewarded. Later on, the horse should learn to distinguish between a canter-halt transition and a canterhalt- canter change transition).

The pesade is an exercise in which the horse has an angle of 45 degrees or more. In pesade, the horse raises itself, while in the levade the horse bends through its haunches and “sits down”. In the mezair, the front legs are folded less under the body. Goal The levade is the starting position for the school jumps and shows whether the piaffe was taught to the horse correctly. The levade contributes to making the hindquarter more powerful and bendable. Also, levade is the perfect check whether the horse is trained straight.

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