A Pictorial Guide to Birds of the Indian Subcontinent - download pdf or read online

By Salim Ali, S. Dillon Ripley, John Henry Dick

ISBN-10: 0195637321

ISBN-13: 9780195637328

This entire ebook depicts all chook species chanced on at the Indian Subcontinent. The entries are prepared familywise on 106 color plates which keep on with one another in systematic order and are hence effortless to discover. fantastically illustrated via the yankee chook painter, John Henry Dick, the booklet offers concise info relating prestige, dimension, habitat and distribution inside subcontinental limits. The textual content has additionally been thoroughly revised and up-to-date with loads of new data.
(Иллюстрированный цветной атлас птиц Индийского субконтинента)

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T~inercw 78(7) I 7 . CHESTNUT-HEADED TIT-BABBLER Alcippe casraneceps 78(6) 1381. WHITEBROWED TIT-BABBLER Alcippe vinipecfus 78(14) 1385. GREY -HEADED TIT-BABBLER Alcippe cinereiceps 78(10) 1297. 1299. 1300. 1303. 1304. 1306. 1307. 1309. 1314. 13 17. 1318. 13 19. 1320. 132 1 . 1322. 1324. 1326. 1331. 1333. 1336. 1338. 1339. 1340. 1341. 1343. 1345. 1346. 1347. 1348. 1352. 1355. 1357. 1359. 1362. 1365. 1366. 1368. 1372. 1373. 1374. 1375. 1376. 1378. 1386. 1388. 1390. 1392. 1395. 1396. 1399. 1400. 1401.

The female is believed to undergo an accelerated wing moult during her incarceration. Eggs, 1-6. COMMON GREY HORNBILL Tockrrs hirostris MALABAR GREY HORNBLLL Tockus griseus =THROATED BROWN HOFWBILL PIilolaemus rickelli RUFOUSNECKED HORNBILL Aceros nipalensis WREATHED HORNBILL Rhyticeros undulatrrs NARCONDAM HORNBILL Rhyticeros plicatus (narcondami) INDIAN PIED HORNBTLL Anthracoceros malabaricus MALABAR PIED HOFWBILL Anrhracoceros coronalus GREAT PIED HORNBILL Buceros bicornis Plate 59(2) 59(5) 59(3) 59(9) 59(7) 59( 1) 59(6) 59(8) 59(4) Family CAPITONIDAE: Barbcts Small, stocky arboreal birds with large head.

Ssp. cinerascens of 1531 1533. STREAKED SCRUB WARBLER Scotocerca inquieta 1534. LARGE GRASS WARBLER Graminicola bengalensis 1538. TAILOR BLRD Orthotomus sutorius 1540. BLACKNECKED TAILOR BIRD Orrhotomus atrogularis 1541. GOLDENHEADED TAILOR BIRD Orthotomus cucullatus 1543. PALLAS'S GRASSHOPPER WARBLER Locustella certhiola 1544. STREAKED GRASSHOPPER WARBLER Locustella lanceolata 1545. GRASSHOPPER WARBLER Locustella naevia EL. Ssp. obscurior of 1545 1546. BROADTAILED GRASS WARBLER Schenicola plalyura 1547.

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