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8XC196NT Block Diagram Memory Controller CPU Register File Register RAM RALU Prefetch Queue Microcode Engine Slave PC ALU Address Register Master PC Data Register PSW CPU SFRs Registers Bus Controller A2797-01 Figure 2-2. 1 CPU Control The CPU is controlled by the microcode engine, which instructs the RALU to perform operations using bytes, words, or double words from either the 256-byte lower register file or through a window that directly accesses the upper register file. ) CPU instructions move from the 4-byte queue in the memory controller into the RALU’s instruction register.

The least-significant byte of the INTEGER is in the even byte address, and the most-significant byte is in the next higher (odd) address. The address of an INTEGER is that of its least-significant byte (the even byte address). INTEGER operations to odd addresses are not guaranteed to operate in a consistent manner. 6 DOUBLE-WORD Operands A DOUBLE-WORD is an unsigned, 32-bit variable that can take on values from 0 through 4,294,967,295 (232–1). The architecture directly supports DOUBLE-WORD operands only as the operand in shift operations, as the dividend in 32-by-16 divide operations, and as the product of 16-by-16 multiply operations.

Type 25 and press to select ApBUILDER/Hypertext. The BBS displays several options: one for ApBUILDER software and the others for hypertext documents for specific product families. 4. Type 1 and press to list the latest ApBUILDER files or type 2 and press to list the hypertext manuals and datasheets for MCS 96 microcontrollers. 5. Type the file numbers to select the files you wish to download (for example, 1,6 for files 1 and 6 or 3-7 for files 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7) and press .

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