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This work is focused on the accelerated carry computation and the delay obtained in the carry generator. The carry bit ci obtained from the fast carry generator is combined in the sum circuit with the carry-propagate bit pi from the precondition circuit to generate the sum bit si, Adder output (si) Carry output Sum circuit cout Carry-propagate bits ( pi) and carry bits (ci) Fast carry generator si = pi ⊕ ci−1 pi and gi Precondition circuit Adder input (a i, b i) Figure 8. Three functional blocks of a parallel adder.

BiCMOS LOGIC CIRCUITS Let f g and f p be the fanout of the g subcell and p subcell under analysis, then tgout = tgin + delay(s, f g ) CMOS 4 (51) (52) Equations (51) and (52) depend on the fanout of the cell under consideration, which is determined by the interconnection of modular cells. With the evaluation of the timing behavior of the basic cells, consider the construction of the fast carry generator R(n) based on the recursive construction of the basic cells R(1) and R(2) as shown in Fig. 12.

Therefore an analysis of the effect of the voltage supply reduction must be carried out with device scaling. In the case of the high-speed arithmetic logic unit (ALU) used to perform 2’s complement signed arithmetic and logic operations on a large data set of numbers, it is advantageous to know the result of the carryout bit and the overflow bit. An overflow output pin flags arithmetic operations that exceed the available 2’s complement number range. This pin is logically the exclusive-OR of the carry-output pins Cn and CnϪ1 of an n-bit parallel adder.

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